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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Angel Wings Wednesday #22 - Happy Birthday Sarah Catherine

Last year, on this day, I was anxiously heading to the doctor’s appointment that would change my life forever.

The regular appointment where I expected to talk to the doctor, hear my baby’s heartbeat and be on my way.

Instead I found out that my baby’s heart had stopped beating and that I was being admitted to the hospital to deliver.  I had to call Hubs and tearfully break the news to him.  And call my mom and dad and do the same and ask them to drop everything and drive 4 hours to watch my boys.

Because a 28-week induced labor takes so long, Sarah Catherine’s birthday is actually tomorrow, but today is the day we heard the news.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Memorials | Happy birthday in heaven , nanny.

It’s almost unbelievable to me that an entire year has passed.  It’s had it’s highs and lows.  I feel like I had to relearn how to deal with life.  Last December and January are almost a complete blur – that was survival mode.  And what a blessing that it’s a blur.  I feel like God was insulating me, protecting me from what I couldn’t handle, and just giving me a bit at a time until I could handle the gravity of the situation.

I’ve taken the time to take care of myself and take care of my family.  I’ve read tons of books, just to keep my mind busy.  And I’ve played with my boys instead of doing the housework.  I’ve turned inward (easy to do for introverts like me).  I’ve found out which friendships were ready to weather the storm and which ones had run their course.

I’ve tried to be more caring, but worry that I’ve been more impatient.  I’ve tried to be a kinder person, but worry that I’ve just become more critical of others.

Some days are so good that I almost forget that there’s a hole in my heart and others I’m screaming so loudly inside that I feel like I might burst.

I guess it all boils down to the fact that I’m still healing.  Still grieving.

There are mostly good days, but still some bad days (thankfully those are few and far between).

Yes, this year has been a roller coaster.  I’ll always grieve for my daughter.  My only little girl.  But it can only go up from here.

Last year, I imagined Sarah Catherine held in the arms of my Grandpas who have already passed on, praising Jesus in the month of his Holy birth.  The image is still so comforting to me.  Sarah Catherine and other loved ones, singing with the angels until the day I can join them.  I am so happy that I have my sweet boys here on Earth to sing His praises with me here and now.

Happy birthday, sweet little Sarah Catherine.  We miss you now and always.  You’re in our hearts forever.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sparkly Spiral Cookies {Blogger Cookie Swap}

It’s time for the Food Blogger Cookie Recipe Swap!

First a shout out to our fantastic hostesses who organize this swap each year:

Aubrey from Real Housemoms
Laura from Pink Cake Plate
Abbey from The Cards We Drew
Kelley from Miss Information
Carli from Dimple Prints

Thank you so much, ladies!

For this swap, two bloggers are paired together.  They each send a favorite holiday cookie recipe to their partner and then bake up, and photograph the cookies.

This year, I was paired with Becca from It’s Yummi.  Becca is a trained Chef from Wisconsin.  She loves to make healthy, affordable meals and is a Green Bay Packer Fan (Go, Pack, Go!!)

For the swap, Becca sent me her recipe for Sparkly Spiral Cookies.  Essentially they’re sugar cookies (but a new to me recipe), tinted, and then rolled together and cut to make a fun design!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Vegan Chocolate Coffee Crinkle Cookies {SRC Cookie Carnival}

Guess what??  Bonus cookie time!

There was a Secret Recipe Club SOS earlier this evening when one of the cookie carnival participants was unable to participate.  Since I had some time and was in a baking mood, I whipped up some last minute cookies so no one was orphaned.

So tonight’s second super bonus cookie SRC blog is Amanda’s blog, Dancing Veggies.  Such a fun blog name!  As the blog title would suggest, Amanda’s blog features delicious vegetarian recipes on a budget!

Glazed Eggnog Cookies {SRC Cookie Carnival}

It’s a Secret Recipe Club bonus Cookie Carnival!

In this special SRC, participants are secretly assigned another blog and then bake a delicious Christmas Cookie from that blog!

For the Cookie Carnival, I was assigned Desi’s blog, SteakNPotatoesKindaGurl.

As I looked through her recipes, I came across the recipe for Eggnog Cookies and knew it was destiny.  Because eggnog + Christmas = match made in heaven!

I made a slight alteration, and added a little rum to my cookies, because I like my eggnog spiked (because that’s how I roll), but it’s totally optional!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Chocolate Eggnog

Are you ready for my new most favoritest Christmas drink??

It’s spiked eggnog to the nth degree, because chocolate.

And if you’re serving this to the kiddos, you can totally omit the booze and it’s equally delicious!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Smothered Chile Colarado Burritos: SRC

Woot!  It’s Secret Recipe Club time!  This month, I was assigned Heather’s blog, Fit Mama, Real Food.

Heather is a mom of 2 and a group fitness instructor!  It’s such a great combination!  As I was looking through her recipes, I also took a peek at some of Heather’s fitness tips.  I even did her plank workout!  And let me tell you: it was tough (especially following boot camp & zumba!) but so so good!  I’m definitely working it into my own workout routine!

Go, abs, go!!

Now for the recipe!

I ended up getting a new crockpot and I wanted to try it out, so I picked these delicious smothered chile Colorado burritos.  Even though I kept calling them enchiladas.  And then I bought the tortillas too small, so I rolled mine like enchiladas, too.  Oops.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Creamy Red Pasta Sauce

Dude has been in the kitchen again!  In these Kids in the Kitchen recipe, Dude (age 6) plans a recipe, does all the cooking (with adult supervision and assistance, especially with cutting and hot things), takes his own photos (and sets up props), and then writes a short blog piece about the recipe.

This recipe was a little different than the previous ones, where Dude followed a recipe from a book.  This time, he made up his own!

When he asked if he could make spaghetti with meat sauce, I was about to let him brown some meat and pour a jar of sauce over it, but when he wanted to blog about it, I knew we had to make it a little more special.

So I went to the fridge and started pulling sauce-friendly ingredients out: cream cheese, parmesan, asiago.  Garlic, onion, and all sorts of herbs.  Even red & white wines (to which the comment was, “oh red wine, of course.”  Haha he’s a little connoisseur!)


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