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About Amy

Photo by MJD Photography
I’d like to tell you that I took an early interest in cooking and was my mom’s constant assistant in the kitchen as I was growing up.

But that just isn’t true. 

In fact, I was so absent from the kitchen that one of my own relatives scoffed at me at my bridal shower for adding kitchen items to my gift registry.  When questioned about the comment, she added, “Well, Amy is no ‘Susie Homemaker’, now is she?”

So I wasn’t much of a cook, it’s true.  But what I did learn from my mother while I was growing up was the importance of the entire family gathering together each night for a home cooked meal.  Plus, visiting my mom in the kitchen all those years while she cooked dinner, I couldn’t help but pick up a few things!

It wasn’t until several years later that cooking really started to become important to me.  By that time I was a stay at home mom and my first son had just begun eating table food.  Suddenly, I cared a lot more about what I was feeding my family.  Added to that, my son had typically been a picky eater.

So I started calling my mom asking for all those wonderful recipes from my childhood. And I watched as my Grandma (the family baker) made her breads.  And I started reading cookbooks, and eventually blogs and started on my very own cooking adventure.

I now have two little boys and I’m still a stay at home mom.

Photo by MJD Photography

My goal is to make healthy, delicious meals that the whole family can enjoy and to expand their palates to make adventurous (or at least less picky) eaters.

I love taking risks in the kitchen.  One thing my wonderful husband has taught me is that cooking experiments are always welcome, as long as McDonald’s or Little Caesars is an option in the event of a cooking disaster. 

I am not a professional photographer (obviously) but I'm slowly honing my photography skills.  I currently use a Fujifilm FinePix S 700 which is a higher end point & shoot.  I take all my own photos.

Photo by MJD Photography

Updated 6-11-2012
Photos taken August 2011


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