Bucket List

Unlike the 30x30 (below), my bucket list is fluid.  I’m adding recipes as I go and there is no set deadline.  I’ll link the recipes up as I accomplish my goals!

Recipe Bucket List

From March 10, 2012 to March 9, 2013, I set out to make 30 recipes before I turned 30.  I accomplished my goal, sharing the last one on March 9!!  Enjoy!

To commemorate last year of my twenties, I’ve put together thirty recipes that I’m going to make (and share) before I turn thirty!  30x30 is a fun assortment of recipes (some difficult, some not so much), that I’ve always wanted to make, but just haven’t. 

     1.           Apple Pie
2.         Bagels 
3.         Baked Brie (Savory) 
4.         Biscotti
5.          Bread Bowls
6.         Brownies from Scratch
7.          Buttermilk Biscuits 
8.         Carrot Cake
9.         Chocolate Lava Cake
10.    Dessert Crepes
11.      Egg Drop Soup
12.     English Muffins
13.     Fancy Easter Eggs
14.     French Onion Soup
18.    Homemade Pasta 
19.     Homemade Tortillas 
20.   Knoephla Soup 
21.     Mom’s Fudge Jumbles 
22.   Omelets
26.   Pitas
27.    Potato Bread
28.   Pretzels
29.   Salsa