Ok.  Before we go any further, I’m Catholic, not Jewish.  But Catholicism does have its root in Judaism (Jesus was a Jew, after all), so I wanted to try my hand at a traditional Challah Bread this Easter.  My mom also makes an amazing overnight French Toast with Challah every Easter, so I wanted to help out by bringing the bread, instead of having to track down somewhere to buy some.

After a lot of research, I decided to use this recipe from Tori Avey exactly as she made it (well, except for the blessing bit, like I said, not Jewish).  The link also goes into a lot of the history of Challah Bread.  It’s a fascinating read!

I really enjoyed making the Challah.  It was incredibly time consuming, yet therapeutic all at the same time.  And braiding the 6 stranded bread was actually a blast!  If I had a few more hands, I think I’d braid my hair in the 6 strand braid!


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