Best Breakfast (or Brunch or Brinner) Recipes of 2018

Today continues the Countdown to 2019 with the best Breakfast recipes of the year!  

Except that I don't make a whole lot of breakfast (the boys (Hubs included) eat cereal every morning and I go for a protein shake, I a legit breakfast hater!)  Instead, we are HUGE fans of Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner).  So let us begin!

Yep, you read that right.  This baked oatmeal tasted like carrot cake!  And it's amazing and you should definitely stop what you're doing and make some right now!

Who can say no to chocolate?  Plus they're healthy?  Your should definitely make these right away, too!

My family always loves pancakes & this fun gingerbread version was no exception!

What's that? More pancakes?  You should totally make these too - the flavor profile is AMAZING!

Okay, the pictures here leave a bit to be desired, but the cinnamon rolls are to die for!  Because, I mean, cinnamon rolls, how can you go wrong?

Ever try making hash brown waffles?  They're fun, unique, and delicious!

What's that??  Pancakes again?  In this version, the presentation is key - plus fresh berries are always welcome!

How gorgeous is this bread?  This is one of my favorite breads from the past year - and it's as tasty as it is beautiful!

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