Breakfast Tacos


It’s Sunday Funday and today’s theme is tacos!

This one took a little thinking.  I already have my favorite go-to weeknight taco meat recipe and my favorite steak tacos.  Both are perfect and need no improvement.  

I decided to think outside the box (just a little) and make breakfast tacos!  Breakfast tacos are a cinch to make!  Salsa eggs layered with breakfast faves, served up on a tortilla and topped with guacamole - what’s not to love?

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Breakfast Tacos

Homemade Flour Tortillas

4 eggs

¼ cup salsa

Spinach or lettuce

5 minute guacamole

4 slices Bacon, cooked crisp

Homemade Hash browns

Shredded Cheddar cheese

Warm the tortillas.  Place the cheese on to melt.

Meanwhile, heat a medium skillet over medium heat.  Add a tablespoon of bacon drippings to the pan.  Add the eggs and salsa and cook, stirring often to scramble the eggs.  Cook until the eggs are cooked through and excess liquid from the salsa has cooked off.

Layer spinach, eggs, bacon, guacamole, and hash brown on the tortilla and serve hot.


  1. Breakfast tacos are always welcomed in this house. They pack up very well too so we often took them with us on our kayak weekends for a quick, easy meal.

  2. I adore breakfast tacos. Yours are chock-filled with goodness.

  3. Breakfast tacos sound so good. We make breakfast burritos. Not sure why I never thought of tacos. Can't wait to try.


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