Bunny Butt Pancakes

Even though my kids are getting bigger, I still like to make fun pancakes!

Even though it’s past Easter Sunday, I wanted to make bunny butt pancakes for the kids.  After all, it is only now the Easter Season if you’re Catholic (beforehand it was Lent!)

These are fun and easy!  And even boys are kind of getting big, they still enjoy these.  

Actually, I have to amend that.  

9 year olds think they’re awesome. 

12 year olds don’t pay attention, have no idea what they’re supposed to look like, and once it’s pointed out say, “It’s supposed to be a bunny?”  then grudgingly admits it’s cool. (and he’s not even a teenager yet---ahhhhh!!!!)

Anyhow, I’m going to keep making fun pancakes until the graduate from high school, so there’s that! Haha!

Bunny Butt Pancakes

Mini chocolate chips
Whipped cream

Make the pancakes according to recipe instructions.  Make a circle shaped pancake for the body, a small round with ears for the head (you can make the ears separately if it’s easier), and two little feet.

To serve, layer the pancakes into a bunny shape.  Add strawberries for the pads of the feet and chocolate chips for toes.  Finally, add a dollop of whipped cream as a fluffy tail.