Cantina Special

A couple days ago, I shared a Food n Flix Star Wars themed “Bantha Milk” Blue Milk Tea hosted by Kelley at Simply Inspired Meals,

As stunning as those colors were, it wasn’t a hit with my family (including me).  However, I have another blue drink in the wings…for readers 21 and older, please.

Last during that vacation that I never posted about (seriously – it’s this week’s goal!) we had a belated wedding reception/celebration for my brother-in-law and new sister-in-law.  During the celebration, a delightful blue drink appeared in my hand. 

I soon discovered that this blue drink was quite simple – blue raspberry vodka and sprite!

After I got home, I searched the web and never did come up with a definitive name of this drink – the closest was a Windex (but the included regular vodka as well) or a Blue Frost (which includes a scoop of sherbert).

But as I perused the movie and a few screenshots online, I realized that a different blue drink (that looks a lot like this one!) shows up in the background of the cantina scene!  Woot!

Therefore, this drink shall be known as the Cantina Special!  And it’s delicious.  And goes down very smoothly.  Be careful and enjoy!

Cantina Special

2 tablespoons (1 shot) Blue Raspberry Vodka
4-6 ounces lemon-lime soda

Place ice in a glass.  Add the shot of vodka and lemon-lime soda.  Enjoy responsibly. 


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