Blue Milk Tea aka Bantha Milk

It’s Food n’ Flix time again and this time Kelley from Simply Inspired Recipes chose an entire franchise!  And it’s my favorite!  STAR WARS!!!!

I’ve made numerous Star Wars themed treats over the years (like Galaxy & Nebula Cookies or May the Fourth Mix) and hosted Star Wars parties (featuring Leia's Pizza Buns and Han Shot First Hummus), but this time I wanted to stretch myself and make something not just inspired by Star Wars, but actually appearing in Star Wars, which limits one greatly, since foods appearing in Star Wars are pretty much blue bantha milk and green ration bread.  Hmmm…

I decided to go with the bantha milk since it appears right away in A New Hope – the very first of the Star Wars movies.

There are many ways to go about bantha milk – the simplest is to stir food dye into regular milk and call it a day.  Others call for more of a white hot chocolate-type drink using blue candy melts and/or food dye.  I have no problem with food dye, but I wanted to see what I could make without it this time.

Cue my new favorite science experiment ingredient: butterfly pea flowers!  When brewed, these dried blossoms make a stunning dark blue tea!  To give it more of a milky color, I added milk and honey to make a milk tea!

So the consensus?  Not a glowing review, sadly.  The blossoms had a very strong scent when I opened the package and it was very off-putting (though the tea did not smell like that once it was brewed).  I couldn’t get over that initial smell, even though the tea itself wasn’t half-bad, I just couldn’t finish it.  Hubs and Dude declined a sip, and Spud took a sip and went “Mmm…bleh”.  Then we played with the color changing proprieties of butterfly pea flower and poured a bunch of lemon juice in there to turn it red!

Hahaha.  So, the bottom line it: it you are a huge tea drinker (I’m really not, I like mint tea and that’s about it), you’ll likely enjoy this.  If not, well…I have another blue drink up my sleeve…

Ps – did you notice my Death Star Tea infuser??

Blue Milk Tea aka Bantha Milk

1 cup boiling water
2 tablespoons butterfly pea flower blossoms
1 tablespoon honey
¼ cup milk of choice

Place the blossoms in an infuser.  Pour the boiling water over the tea and steep for 6 minutes.  Remove the tea blossoms.  Pour the tea into a cup.  Stir in the honey and milk and enjoy.


  1. That tea ball is awesome - so fun! And I've always wanted to try butterfly pea flower...that color is stunning! I do like tea, so I'm gonna have to find some and give it a go. Fun recipe anyway :).

  2. Well I"m glad you had fun with it and the kids got a little Science included in their evening.


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