Turkey Fruit & Veggie Platter

Need a last minute side dish to bring to Thanksgiving dinner? Or maybe something for the kids’ table?  Or something that looks like it took a long time, but really took about 5 minutes?

I’ve got you covered.

I made two turkey platters, because I was taking it to a school event and my boys ate the entire first turkey in about 2 minutes flat (so much for taking that to school)

Here’s the all-fruit version.

The beauty of this platter is that you can use whatever you have in your refrigerator.  I used a mix of fruit and veggies, but you can also go all fruit or all veggies for this platter!  And while those rich Thanksgiving side dishes are delicious (I’m looking at you green bean casserole), it’s nice to have a lighter (and adorable) option on the table!

Turkey Fruit & Veggie Platter

1 apple, cut in half (or pear or small squash)
Celery, sliced
Grapes, cut in half
Red bell pepper, cut in rings
Cucumber, peeled & sliced
Apple, cut in chunks
Asparagus spears
Pea pods
Carrots, sliced
2 mini chocolate chips, for eyes

Other options:
Bananas, sliced
Cherry tomatoes
Orange slices
Green onions
Broccoli florets
Cauliflower florets
Kiwi, sliced

Place one apple, cut side down, on the platter.  Cut a carrot slice into a beak and feet.  Use a toothpick to make guide marks to push in mini chocolate chips for eyes.  Prop 2 pea pods for wings and a red pepper slice for the wattle.  Arrange the remaining fruits and vegetables around the turkey to form a large tail feather.

Image Map
Parts of this post originally appeared as a guest post on Practically Functional