Cartoon Cake

I think I’ve mentioned in the past that mine and Hubs’ birthdays are super close together.  His is a matter of days before mine.  Early in our marriage, we would just combine birthdays.  

Later, after the kids came along and I started decorating cakes, I would make him a cake and usually just have leftover cake for mine or maybe go out for ice cream.  After a couple years, I realized that made me sad.

Then I started a new trend - I started making a mini cheesecake for Hubs (cheesecake is one of his favorites), and then a mini cake for myself a few days later.

It might seem weird to make myself a cake, but I actually love it.  It gives me a chance to try out fun techniques that I might not otherwise get to try!  

For the mini cake, I typically take one batch of Rich Chocolate Cake and bake it into two 6-inch rounds and three 4-inch rounds.  I use whichever will be best for my design (usually the 4’s) then triple wrap and freeze the leftovers for later (Rich Chocolate Cake freezes and thaws amazingly well.  I wrap it in cling wrap, aluminum foil, and then put it in a freezer bag).

One year, I made a Geode Cake for myself.  This year I made a cartoon cake!  My family all agreed that it looked like a Dr. Seuss cake and I totally agreed!  It was very fun to make a 2D cake and I’m glad I gave myself the chance to make it!

For this particular cake, I took three 4-inch cakes, frosted them and covered them in fondant.  Next, I added fondant decorations (all 3D, not flat).  Next I took black frosting (the cake was decorated in dark chocolate frosting, so I didn’t even need to tint mine black), and outlined the cake on one side to create a 2D look.  It was so fun!