Geode Cake

Let’s talk cake!

I made this Geode Cake for myself for my 37th birthday, because I’ve always wanted to try a Geode cake and never really had the opportunity!

Oftentimes, I “share” a birthday cake with Hubs, enjoying leftover cake (his birthday is a few days before mine), but since I made him a Mini Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake, there were no leftovers and the opportunity was there to make myself something fabulous!

My favorite combination is chocolate cake and chocolate frosting (recipes here), so this one was all about the decorating.

This cake was all about the right candies for the geode - all of which I found at the dollar store.  The lighter colors are rock candy (I smashed them off the stick) and the darker are smashed jolly ranchers.

Before frosting the cake, I cut a fissure into one side.  After frosting it, I placed the crushed candies, darkest in the middle, to create the geode effect.  

I also made sugar glass (try this recipe).  After pouring small ovals of molten sugar onto a mat, I quickly added my geode candies to make smaller geodes to top the cake.

Finally I painted the edges of the cake geode and the mini geodes with gold luster dust paint (luster dust + vodka).  The cake was everything I hoped it could be!