Ham & Pickle Sandwich

Happy Easter!

Did you make an Easter ham?

I sure hope so, because today’s Sunday Funday theme is “interesting ham sandwiches”  Presumably to use up any leftover Easter ham.

Now, I made this one prior to Easter, so I could have pictures, so I had to use store bought deli ham, but substituting Easter Ham, like my Crockpot Ham would be ah-mazing!

So what to do?  I decided to get inspired by a favorite sandwich (Cubano) and a favorite appetizer (Ham & Pickle Rollups).  The resulting sandwich is an easier version of the Cubano and a main dish version of the Ham & Pickle Rollups.  Perfection, in my opinion!

Looking for more ways to use up that Easter ham?

Ham & Pickle Sandwich

1 bun (I used my 2 hour buns)

1 slice provolone cheese

1 slices ham (preferably Crockpot Ham)

2 dill pickles, sliced

Stack all ingredients & enjoy.