Post-Workout Apple & Yogurt Parfait

In addition to being a mom, & blogging, & decorating cakes, I also teach Zumba classes a couple nights a week.  My classes are right after dinnertime, so I generally make dinner for the family, but eat lightly so I’m not too full to teach class!

After an intense Zumba workout (usually followed up by a short weight lifting routine), I come home ravenous!  I like to have a go-to healthy, high-protein snack option so I don’t start snacking on junk.

Apple & yogurt with granola on top has been my snack of choice for ages.  And now that I’ve started making my own granola, it’s worth sharing here!

Now let’s be totally honest.  When I come home from the gym, I don’t make the pretty version of this recipe (like the picture).  I dump it in a bowl, mix it up and eat right away!  But it’s fun to make pretty parfaits sometimes!

What you’re favorite post-workout fuel?

Post-Workout Apple, Yogurt, & Granola Parfait

1 large fuji apple, diced
1 (5 oz) container vanilla yogurt
6-8 large blackberries (optional)

For the fancy way:
Carefully place the ingredients in layers in a tall glass cup (a decorating bag can be useful for the yogurt layer).  Garnish with mint.

For the “I’m starving after the gym & just want some protein” way:

Place the apples & blackberries in a bowl.  Stir in the yogurt.  Top with granola.

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