Chicago Dog #FoodnFlix

Though I’ve only participating in Food ‘n Flix for a year now, this is actually the club’s 5th anniversary!

For the 5th anniversary, Heather from Girlichef is opened up this month’s viewing to any of the previously chosen movies!  I originally intended to watch something new, in fact I nearly watched Chocolat (I still will someday). 

But then I saw How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days as one of the choices.  I LOVE that movie!  I first saw the movie the year Hubs & I were engaged and planning our wedding.  And I fell in love with the song, Feels Like Home that appears during the (totally PG) shower scene.  In fact, Hubs & I chose that song for our first dance as husband and wife.  So How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days had always had a soft spot in my heart.

There are many food choices in this movie.  The most obvious is lamb with cherry glaze, but I’ve never eaten lamb before, much less cooked it myself, so that was out.  There’s also the giant hamburger Andie eats, or the vegan barley bowls when she’s pretending that she doesn’t eat meat.

And there’s also tons of game food and New York City street vendors.  And that’s where I finally drew my inspiration.  

Street vendors got me thinking hotdogs and tailgating.  So along with the Bacon Wrapped BBQ Cheddar Burgers I served for Spud’s 5th birthday Hot Dog Bar, I also made Chicago Dogs (yep, even though the movie takes place in New York!)

Recipe Note:
*If you do not have a poppy seed bun, take a regular hotdog bun, brush it lightly with melted butter and sprinkle with poppy seeds.

Chicago Dog
Recipe from AllRecipes

1 all beef bun length hotdog
1 poppy seed bun
2 sport peppers
1 dill pickle, sliced
1 tbsp onion, diced
1 small tomato, cut in wedges, optional
Yellow mustard
Sweet pickle relish
Dash of celery salt

Cook the hot dog on the grill.  Place the mustard on the bun.  Top with the hotdog and pickle relish.  Add the sport peppers and pickles on either side of the hotdog.  Sprinkle with diced onions and celery salt and serve with a side of Easy Baked Beans.


  1. I have never seen that movie. I rewatched Julie and Julia last night, now I just need to narrow it down to a recipe!!

  2. Chicago Dogs are pretty much my favorite kind of dog - these are making me SO hungry! Fun pick for this month (but oh my gosh yes - you HAVE to watch Chocolat! If you have time, you can do another submission this month.) Thanks so much for being a part of Food 'n Flix, I always look forward to seeing what you'll make! :)

  3. That looks so good. Vegan dogs just are not the same, and now you'll have hot dogs on my brain all day. Must agree with Heather that the move Chocolat is worth the watch. Great pick and a great match. - Kimberly (Coffee and Casseroles)

  4. When we watched this movie the first time around I made the big hamburger. These dogs look great!
    I ~think~ I've settled on Mystic Pizza for my choice.

  5. I missed this movie round and have never seen it. As I read these posts for the 5th Anniversary Celebration, I see lots of people love it! Must sit down and view it (with a Chi dog!)

  6. I love this movie! I can watch it forever. I cannot believe how easy it is to mimic a poppyseed bun. Good grief. All these years wasted on plain buns. Thanks for the inspiration! I did watch Chocolat for my movie!

  7. Crazy you going for a Chicago dog instead of an NYC one ;-) I did not think Chicago Dogs would impress me when I went but I am a convert, great recipe.

  8. I love this movie and always stop and watch it when am flipping channels and see it. Love the music in it and can see why you chose Feels Like Home for your wedding--such a great song. Love your Chicago dogs and those poppy seed buns--yum! ;-)


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