Cherry Clafoutis

For this week’s Sunday Funday, participants were invited to make recipes using cherries or berries.  I decided to challenge myself and use cherries, since I’ve never used or even purchased them before.

And then I decided to challenge myself further and make a clafoutis, even though I’d only ever seen one on TV and had a vague idea of what it should be like.

I used this recipe from Once Upon a Chef to a tee and then promptly panicked.  I served the clafoutis to guests and it was not set at all, and it was much pinker throughout (due to the cherry juice).  I was certain I’d given everyone food poisoning even though it had baked for ages.  I ate a bit, hated the texture and honestly felt like it was missing something.

I covered the leftovers and stuck them in the refrigerator, fully intending to trash it later.  The next day, I decided to give it one more shot and and was pleasantly surprised that the texture was as I had expected the first time around! 

I also found that the almond flavor was much more pronounced the next day, and I loved it with a dusting of powdered sugar and cinnamon for a little something extra.

Will this be a repeat?  Eh, tough to say, but once it set up, I did enjoy the clafoutis! 

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  1. I prefer cold clafoutis also Amy, especially for breakfast. I'm glad you tasted it again before trashing it.

  2. So glad you put yourself out of your comfort zone for this recipe and thankful that it was at least better the next day. Thanks for sharing. We all have those recipes that just live up to our dreams. Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck - Colleen

  3. At times with desserts the flavours develop the next day. Good that you tasted it next day.

  4. Clafoutis is on my list to try but am a bit scared to try out the recipe. You have given me the boost. Even if it is not up to the mark, it doesn't go to waste.

  5. I agree that the texture of some clafoutis can be off-putting. But I'm glad that you tried it again.


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