Baked Boneless Buffalo and Honey BBQ Wings

This week’s Sunday Funday is wings.  I’ve made wings a total of once…for a super bowl party, and while they were super delicious (my mom’s recipe - so good!) I find them to be kind of a pain.  I wasn’t super jazzed about the theme, but I wanted to be a good sport so I started looking for recipes.

Then I casually mentioned wings to Hubs and he told me that he hates wings and considers them to be an overly messy amount of work for a small amount of deliciousness.  Now, Hubs is typically a super good sport and rarely has a negative opinion about foods (as opposed to the kids who (depending on the kid) seem to hate everything), so I was a little taken aback.

I got to thinking that I was feeling pretty lukewarm about wings and Hubs had a surprisingly strong opinion about wings, so I decided to pivot and make boneless wings.

In reality, boneless wings are a little silly, because they’re just a glorified chicken nugget, but we have to do what we have to do.

I already had a recipe on the menu and ready to go, when Hubs randomly put on a documentary (The Food the Built America) about…you guessed it…wings!  And we learned the whole history of buffalo wings stemming from Buffalo, NY and even a connection to the early days of the Buffalo Bills.  It was fascinating!

I ended up taking the Baked Boneless Buffalo and Honey BBQ Wings recipe directly from The Kitchn’ - the only change being that I made both sauces and cut them in half so I didn’t have too much leftover.  So I don’t have an actual recipe today unless you click that link and trust me that it was a winner!

Want more wing recipes? Look here:


  1. I'm glad you joined me anyway Amy and your wings look wonderful!!!!

  2. I hope your husband liked these after all! They look scrumptious.


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