Chocolate Bunny Hot Cocoa Bombs

Are we still doing hot cocoa bombs or did that trend fizzle out?

Anyway, Easter is typically still pretty brisk or even blizzard-like in my area (depending on the year) so chocolate bunny hot cocoa bombs (trendy or no) seem like the way to go.

These are super fun, super easy, and a fun surprise for Easter guests!

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Chocolate Bunny Hot Cocoa Bombs

2 (3.5 ounce) hollow chocolate bunnies

4 tablespoons dry hot chocolate mix

2 tablespoons mini dehydrated marshmallows

Pastel colored sprinkles

1 tablespoon chocolate chips

6 ounces hot milk, to serve

Use a skewer to drill a hole in the bottom of each chocolate bunny.  Use a small funnel to pour half the hot chocolate mix, dehydrated marshmallows, and sprinkles into the cavity.

Melt the chocolate chips, keeping a few aside.  Dip an unmelted chocolate chip into the melted chocolate, then place it into the drilled out hole like a cork.  Use additional melted chocolate to seal any gaps.  Rewrap in foil, if desired.

To serve, place the chocolate bunny in hot milk and stir until melted.


  1. Perfect recipe Amy, easy peasy and delicious....not to mention a great addition to the Easter Basket.

  2. This is interesting, never tried it in this way. Kids would love this treat.


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