Donut Hole Turkeys

What do you serve Thanksgiving morning when you know a huge meal is in the works?

I mean, you gotta have breakfast (or do you?) but it also has to be easy and not use the oven since the main event is the Thanksgiving dinner (whenever that happens to be, depending where I’ve been it's been noon, 2, 3, or 5!)

Regardless of when the main meal is, the littles have to eat and that’s where these adorable turkey’s come in!

They can be made Thanksgiving morning when you’re up early to put the turkey in or the night before when you’re preparing the dressing/stuffing.  Either way, it’s an adorable and tasty breakfast that all will enjoy.

Check out these Thanksgiving Breakfast ideas:

Donut Hole Turkeys

Cinnamon-Sugar Donut Holes

Chocolate Chips

Sliced Almonds

Red Jimmies (Sprinkles)

Melt the bottoms of a chocolate chip and stick to a donut hole.  Add a red jimmie.  Press sliced almonds into the back of the donut holes to look like feathers.


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