Basilisk Bread

Last month, I was browsing through the library when my eyes touched upon The Official Harry Potter Baking Book!  This sounded like just my kind of book, I mean, I’m wearing a shirt with the slogan “Late Night Lumos Library Squad'' right now (and yes, it glows in the dark).

I was a little leery since the sub title boasted that it was inspired by the Harry Potter films and I feel pretty lukewarm about the films (the books are infinitely better).

I checked the book out and passed it to Spud in the back seat while we drove home.  He perused the book while we drove and when we got home said “meh”.

I wasn’t sure he’d really given it a good look, so I told him we could make something from the book and he perked up and said he’d think about it.

A bit later, I got a chance to read the book and I hate to admit it, but I had a similar reaction to Spud.  Here’s my Goodreads review.

The Official Harry Potter Baking Book: 40+ Recipes Inspired by the FilmsThe Official Harry Potter Baking Book: 40+ Recipes Inspired by the Films by Joanna Farrow
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A bit underwhelming. A lot of breads and cookies decorated to look like objects in the films, but nothing actually seen in the films. A fun book to look through, but most of the recipes don't seem worth making. View all my reviews

I wanted to make something from the book, so I half-heartedly chose a recipe or two.  After that Dude took a look and never really told me his thoughts (but that’s pretty typical of him).

I still wasn’t sure what to make so I circled back to Spud who suggested the Basilisk Bread.  That one looked cool, but the recipe was a little wonky and not something I thought the kids would eat.

So Spud and I got to chatting.  Spud is a planner (and quite good at it - I can’t wait to see what he becomes as he gets older (he’s 11 now)), and together we decided that we should use my recipe for Olive Garden Breadsticks to make the Basilisk and it would be fantastic. 


And we were right - it was  fantastic!  It also made an enormous bread, but that was ok - we just sliced it up and enjoyed it for days!

To make this bread, make a recipe of Copycat Olive Garden Breadsticks and shape into one (or more) snake shapes.  If desired, add peppercorn eyes, carrot tongue and rice fangs.


  1. What? No recipe for pumpkin juice?

  2. Marissa got a Harry Potter Cookbook several years ago but I never really sat down with it and she took it into her bedroom. I wonder if she still has it?


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