Snowman Donuts


Today’s recipe is a fun, no bake treat that works as a great weekend breakfast or after school treat!

Notice I didn’t say quick and easy?  That one depends.  Depending how well the powdered and the melted chocolate want to play, creating these can be a lesson in patience.  Some of my snowmen went quickly and stuck well, others I felt like things were constantly falling off.

Our Elf on the Shelf left these as a treat for my kids on the first day of Christmas break last year - it was a fun way to kick off break and brought a huge smile to their faces!

Snowman Donuts

Mini powdered sugar donuts

Mini chocolate chips

Round red sprinkles

Mini oreos

Hershey misses, unwrapped

Fruit roll ups

Melted chocolate

Stack the mini donuts.  Cut the fruit roll up into strips and loop them around the snowmen like scarves.

Use melted chocolate to stick the hersey kisses to the mini oreos and more chocolate to stick them to the top of the snowmen as hats.

Finally, use melted chocolate to stick the mini chocolate chips and sprinkles on to make a face and buttons.