Easter Bunny Pudding Cups

It’s Food n Flix time and this month, is Peter Rabbit hosted by Literature and Limes.

When this movie came out in 2018...actually scratch that, when it started streaming in 2019, my kids were obsessed with this movie and watched it over and over again.  They still like to rehash their favorite parts to me occasionally!

So can I confess that I didn’t actually rewatch the movie this time around?  I feel like I have a really good handle on it!

Additionally, I just recently came across the inspiration to make the cutest pudding cup bunny!  I knew my kids (Spud especially) would absolutely love it!  Plus this little bunny could totally be Peter Rabbit (of Flopsy, Mospy or Cottontail!)  Plus, who doesn’t love a pudding cup?

Easter Bunny Pudding Cups

Inspired by Hezzi-D

4 chocolate snack packs

8 vanilla wafers, divided

2 ounces white candy melts

5 mini marshmallows

2 orange starbursts

1 green candy melt

Red edible food marker 

Cut 4 of the marshmallows in half. Cut the last one in quarters.

Melt the white candy melts until smooth.  Dip 4 of the vanilla wafers in the candy melts.  Press 2 marshmallow halves onto the edge of each dipped vanilla wafer.  Roll each of the marshmallow quarters and place into the middle of the dipped wafers.  Set aside to harden.  Use the food marker to make a foot pattern on the mini marshmallows.

Place the starbursts into the microwave for 10-15 seconds.  Mold the softened starbursts into a carrot shape.  Cut the green candy melt in quarters and press one piece into the top of each carrot piece as the leaves.

Crush the remaining vanilla wafers and divide them over the top of the pudding cups.  Add the bunny and carrot to the pudding and serve.


  1. These are just the absolute cutest. Thanks for participating this month!


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