Leprechaun Pancakes

 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

My kiddos are getting older (both are double digits now and one is a teen - how did that  happen?!?)  but I still like to make fun themed meals sometimes!

I had leftover buttermilk hanging around after making homemade butter, which I needed for puff pastry, which I needed for Bouchée à la Reine (Vol-au-Vent).  Naturally, I decided to make pancakes with the buttermilk.  And since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, little leprechaun pancakes seemed like a must.  

Because pancakes are basically sugar bread, I always like to balance that meal with plenty of healthy options.  In this meal, it took the form of spinach hats for the leprechauns and fruit & veggie rainbows (with cauliflower and hashbrown clouds!)

If you’re looking for different ideas, you can check out an earlier version of these here.


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