Egg & Bacon Sandwich (Homemade Egg McMuffin)


Sunday Funday is back with one of my favorites: Breakfast for Dinner!

If I’m completely honest, breakfast for dinner is the only time I really ever eat breakfast foods.  In my house, breakfast is a protein shake for me and cereal for the boys.

The recipe I’m sharing today is one of my go-to recipes, though usually for lunch, not dinner.

But first let’s back up.  

When I was younger, I used to love a McMuffin Sandwich from McDonald’s, but we didn’t have them often (and now I almost never go there!)

However, my mom also introduced me to a homemade version that she would make anytime one of us kids had a huge test (like the ACT or SAT) in high school (breakfast growing up, much like now, was usually cereal).  Her version was an English muffin, a thick slice of cheese and a soft boiled egg.   It was such a treat, it almost made me long for a huge exam!

Fast forward a bunch of years, and I’ve never quite perfected that soft boiled egg, so my version has a fried egg instead, though really any sort of egg will do.  If I take one of these for my lunch at work, I’ll make a folded scrambled egg (a scrambled egg but in one piece instead of crumbles), because those heat up better in the microwave.

As I mentioned before, this is a go-to recipe in my house for lunch.  Though I usually have leftovers for lunch, if I don’t have any leftovers around, I’ll whip up one of these sandwiches.  

I keep homemade English Muffins in the freezer, and I always have cheese and eggs on hand.  I don’t always have bacon, so that’s always a treat!  These also make a lot of appearances during Lent, since the bacon-less version is a perfect meatless meal!

Sunday Funday: Breakfast for Supper

Egg & Bacon Sandwich (Homemade Egg McMuffin)

1 English Muffin (preferably homemade)

1 tablespoon butter

1 egg

salt & pepper

1 slice thick cut bacon, friend crisp

1 slice sharp cheddar cheese

Heat a skillet to medium heat.

Split the English muffin and butter the cut side.  Place the English muffin, cut side down, in the skillet to toast.

Place the bacon next to the english muffin to heat up.  

Add additional butter or bacon drippings to the other side of the skillet.  Add the egg, season with salt & pepper, and cook as desired.

To make the sandwich, place the cheese, egg, and bacon on the toasted English muffin and enjoy immediately.


  1. The perfect brinner and so much tastier than McD's.

  2. We love doing English muffin sandwiches at home. Where I live they are best with crispy slices of goetta, and you won't get that at MickeyD's. I don't go there much either except to grab those dollar iced teas for drinking on the road. Your homemade muffins look wonderful!

  3. That sounds delicious and hearty Amy. Perfect to get you through a big exam!

  4. Love the thick cut bacon. I recently made a gourmet version. (But, you know you can't beat the original when you're in the car.) :) Love the story about eating these before big tests!

  5. English Muffins make a healthier bread option for sandwiches. Hubby and I usually enjoy fried, boiled or scrambled eggs with English muffins for dinner as we find it too heavy as a breakfast option. I've yet to try baking English Muffins at home.

  6. A complete meal I would say with bacon and english muffin in a sandwich form

  7. I love homemade egg mcmuffin sandwiches so muchhhh!! I really need to try my hand at some homemade english muffins and make some yummy sandwiches soon.


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