2020 Toilet Paper Cake

2020 is a year for the record books to be sure.  There’s been lots of stress and sadness, so it’s always nice when there is someone who can bring a little lightness and humor to things.

This was a cake request for a 9th birthday party.  And yes the birthday girl requested it specifically!  I just love spunky kids!

The cake was totally fun to make!  I used my Rich Chocolate Cake recipe, baked in 4-inch pans in order to get the right proportions for the cake (I had a layer leftover, since the family only wanted a small cake).  I decorated the cake with marshmallow fondant - including the mask (I made it several days ahead of time in order to give it time to dry and hold its shape).

All in all, the birthday girl was thrilled and I had a great laugh making a toilet paper cake!