Fruit Race Cars

Hey, everyone.  How are you holding up?  I’m in the US where the COVID-19 pandemic is just rearing its ugly face.  School systems are shut down, which means I’m teaching from home (I’m an elementary teacher librarian) and teaching my own children.

Step #1 was to get my kids on a schedule.  It may not work for every family, but my kids thrive on routine!  Things go much better when they know what’s coming next.

We’re doing lots of reading, lots of crafting, lots of walks.  Next week we’ll start school work (this week was to be spring break), so it’ll be a bit different, but this week, we’re focusing on family and fun, in between recording read alouds for my students, that is!

Which bring us to today’s recipe, Fruit Race Cars!

These are the perfect way to bring fun to the table and to get kids to enjoy fresh fruit!  These are also perfect for healthy school treats (once its back in session) or for Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Races (again, once those are able to resume).

Until then, if you’re home with kids, give them an extra snuggle and enjoy the extra time…you got this!

If you’re still working and your kids are home too, take it one step at a time and do your best…you got this!

If you’re in the medical profession or a delivery worker, or a grocery store worker…thank you, thank you, thank you.  That’s all I can say!

Fruit Race Cars
Adapted from Super Simple

Apples, cored & cut in 6 wedges
Oranges, cut in 6 wedges
Teddy Grahams

Push a toothpick through each end of the apple and orange wedges.  Place a grape on all the pointy ends of the toothpicks to act as wheels.

Use a sharp knife to cut a small notch on top of each wedge.  Add a Teddy Graham driver to each car.