Argentinian Chimichurri Sauce #EatTheWorld

It’s time for this month’s Eat the World recipe challenge and we’re heading to Argentina!

As I was researching, I was surprised to find out that there are quite a few Italian influences in the cooking – yet with even more cheese than we add in the US!

As I kept looking, I was reminded that my favorite wine comes from Argentina: Malbec!  I sadly did not have any Malbec on hand when I made my recipe, because it would have been a great addition to the meal!

I ended up making an Argentinian classic: Chimichurri Sauce.

Chimichurri is typically served with steak (another Argentinian staple), however, I served my chimichurri over smoked pork chops and it my phenomenal.

I’ve shared the chimichurri below (and admittedly, I think I was a little shy on the parsley), however, it would seem that there are many, many variations of chimichurri out there and it seems like it is very easy to personalize a chimichurri to suit your own tastes and ingredients. 

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Disclaimer: This post contains a recipe highlighting a different country or culture. While I strive for authenticity, I sometimes need to make adjustments to recipes due to ingredient availability.  

Argentinian Chimichurri Sauce
Adapted from The Spruce Eats

2 cups parsley
¼ cup fresh oregano
3 cloves garlic
2 tablespoons chopped onion
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
¼ cup olive oil
½ lime, juiced
Pinch of crushed red pepper flakes
Salt, to taste

Place all ingredients in a blender or mini food processor and pulse to blend.

Serve over grilled steak or pork chops.


  1. Yes! There was a massive immigration of Italians and that reflects in their culture and mostly in the food. We love Malbec as well, and the chimichurri sauce is alaways a great sauce to add to meat/fish. Beautiful color and texture you achieved in yours!

  2. Looks so appealing! All the various Argentine dishes contributed to this blog event look super good. I have had both hot and mild versions of chimichurri, and it's all delicious.
    best... mae at

  3. Sounds like the perfect accompaniment to pork! I'm looking forward to whipping some up, and with a nice Malbec:)

  4. Love chimichurri and using it for the smoked pork was a great idea.

  5. I love how vibrant your Chimichurri Sauce is! Sounds so amazing with all the mix of herbs.

  6. Chimichurri sauce is the most fabulous invention. We LOVE it! Yours looks wonderful and vibrant. The balsamic vinegar is a nice touch - I'm sure it adds a richness to the sauce.

  7. Can you please advice what this was meant to be? 2 tablespoons chopped?....