Pi Pie #PiDay

Happy Pi Day!!

I love celebrating Pi day.

I mean, it’s a built in excise to eat pie!

Not that one necessarily needs an excuse, but, pie!!!!

This year I decided to make Pi Pie.  Pie with Pi?

The fun is making all the numbers and seeing how many digits of pi will fit on the pie!

I think next year I’ll try to make the numbers smaller and fit more pi on my pie!

You can use your favorite pie for this recipe.  The one pictured happens to be a strawberry-rhubarb pie, however, blueberry and apple pie (or the caramel or cheddar or rum versions) would be great too!

  • Cherry Cream Cheese Pie by Frugal Pantry
  • Chicken Pot Pie with Puff Pastry by Family Around the Table
  • Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie by Moore or Less Cooking
  • Coconut Cream Pie with Oatmeal Cookie Crust by I Say Nomato
  • Coconut Macaroon Pie by Jolene's Recipe Journal
  • Drunken Vanilla Cherry Pie by The Redhead Baker
  • Gluten-Free Matcha-Chocolate Pie by Culinary Adventures with Camilla
  • Individual No Bake Mango Pie by Caroline's Cooking
  • Matcha Buttermilk Pie by All Roads Lead to the Kitchen
  • Pi Pie by Amy's Cooking Adventures
  • Savory Spinach and Cheese Pie by Cooking With Carlee
  • Taco Pie by Tip Garden
  • Tomato Cheddar Pie by A Day in the Life on the Farm

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    1. That is too freaking fun! You are a wizard with that pie crust, it looks delicious!

    2. You took Pi day to the next level! Very cute and clever!

    3. I absolutely love, love, love this! What a perfect celebration of pi!

    4. this is hilarious, I've never seen so many numbers on a pie. And your pie crust kept it's definition amazingly. omg, geek points for sure.

    5. Oh my stars.. I love this pie! It made my day! I've been trying to play around with my pie crust creations more, but now you've really opened my mind! Thanks for sharing on our PiDay pie party1


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