Holiday Gift for Nerdy Foodies

Holiday gifts for Nerdy Foodies*

Have you started your holiday shopping?

Panicking yet?

Not to fear, I’m here with all sorts of fantastic ideas for the Nerdy Foodie in your life!

Mostly because I am a nerdy foodie and I either a) already have this stuff, b) bought it for a family member, or c) have it on my own wish list!

Let’s get started shall we?

I mean duh – you know someone who needs this mug.  Because yeah, umm, bacon makes everything better. 

This is my anthem.  I’m in a perpetual state of running late for something.  I could always use some coffee – why not put it all out there on a t-shirt?

I have this on the wall in my kitchen.  Because yeah.  I’m a mom.  The end.

Any Game of Thrones fans out there?  Then you totally need this tee – because come on!  This was the best line Tyrion had all season!
While not super nerdy, I do wish I had this on my wall – plus is mildly steampunky, amiright?

Speaking of steampunk, I bought this for Hubs.  It’s fun to have around as a random knickknack and as an add on for costumes or the occasional cosplay!

Need I say more?  I already have the R2D2 version of this and now I’m thinking about making a collection of these – I mean, how fun is this?

And if we have nerdy measuring cups, we obviously need cookie cutters to go with them!  I somehow acquired 2 sets of these over the years and they’re among my favorite gingerbread cutters! 

Tearing your hair out over icing consistency?  How about mixing unique colors?  This is my cookie bible!  It’s a must-have for any cookie (or cake) decorator!

And the Food Lab is my everything else cooking bible.  This reads almost like a textbook, yet I read it cover to cover!  It’s revolutionized several of my cooking methods and I highly recommend it for anyone wondering about the science behind cooking.

Who doesn’t love a great candle?  I love these ones from Frostbeard studios!  They’re constantly changing their stock, but I’ve seen Star Trek, Outlander, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Star Wars themed candles, and they’ve all been fantastic!

Well, there you have it!  Happy shopping!

*I am not receiving any compensation for this post - these are simply products I enjoy and wanted to share!