Floral Easter Bunny Cookies #FoodiesRead

I *ahem* I mean Santa got me a new cookbook for Christmas.  It was The Cookie Companion by Georganne Bell, the genius behind the cookie decorating blog, Lila Loa.

If you’ve popped by my other blog, Amy’s Confectionery Adventures, you know that I decorate cakes as a hobby.  I also dabble in cookie decorating.  I say dabble, because cakes come easier to me and I always feel like I could do better with the cookies. 

So when I found out about the book, I knew I needed to have it - if only for the color guides (mixing colors is so hard!!)  But the tips in the book - OH MY GOSH!  You guys!  I have been making royal icing wrong with whole time!!!

Ok, let’s back up.  There are approximately 80 bajillion recipes for royal icing out there.  Different methods, different amounts of meringue powder, different mixing times, equally vague references to icing consistency – and they all work.  But some are better than others.  The recipe in the book is one of the better ones.  A more consistent icing, not as break your teeth hard (who knew I needed to add corn syrup!?!)

Here are the cookies I made using the tips & recipes from the book.  Lovely, aren’t they?  I am so happy with these cookies and I’m excited to make more!

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  1. Our friend Karen knew. That is the way she taught me to make cookie icing

  2. Those cookies are beautiful! It would almost be a shame to eat them.


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