Buckle Up, It's a Cross Country Culinary Tour

My good friend, Wendy, from A Day in the Life on the Farm, featured me last weekend in her Cross Country Culinary tour.  Now the initial premise is something like a chain letter, each blogger features 3 other bloggers who in turn feature 3 bloggers…you get the point.

However, by this point, most of the people in my blogging circles have either already been featured or are already booked on such short notice L

So I’m going to answer the questions and encourage you to go on your own cross country tour! I’m going to list some blogs that inspire me after the questions.  Have a look at some of them and don’t forget to tell me your favorites in the comments!

1. What am I currently working on at Amy’s Cooking Adventures? I’m trying to catch up on a whole bunch of backlog!!  I cooked all summer, but I was too busy playing outside with the boys to blog about it!  So, I’m attempting to get back to posting at least twice a week and sharing all those fabulous recipes with you!

2. How does my work differ from other “foodie” blogs?  I think Amy’s Cooking Adventures differs from other foodie blogs because it’s all about balance.  I have a quest for healthy eating and feeding my family healthful foods, but we still enjoy our desserts and bacon!  I also chronicle our experience with stillbirth with Angel Wings Wednesdays.

3. Why do I write what I do? In the beginning, the blog started out as a way to share my recipes with people I know in real life.  It has expanded more than I could ever imagine and that’s still the primary goal.  Additionally, I love that blogging challenges me.  I get to write and I get to try new recipes and techniques and expand my family’s palates.  I love it!

4. How does my writing process work? It’s all about giving my honest opinion.  I never post anything that I don’t absolutely love.  As far as motivation, it comes mostly from other bloggers, but also magazines, or just my own inspiration.  After I’ve made a recipe, I try to write down the ingredients and directions as soon as possible.  Then, in the evenings when Hubs and I are watching TV, I edit photos (I use PicMonkey) and write up my posts.  Since I’m usually distracted while writing, I come back the next day to proof read (I still miss stuff – proofing on a computer screen has never been one of my talents), tweak the post and publish!

Blogs that inspire me:

Who did I miss?  Tell me in the comments!


  1. awww thanks for sharing my blog in your culinary tour! <3

  2. Thanks for playing with us Amy. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed reading your answers and learning which blog inspire you.


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