Breakfast Burgers: SRC

Hey everyone!  It’s Secret Recipe Club day today!

This month, I was assigned Ashley’s blog, Cheese Curd in Paradise.  Ashley is Mama from Wisconsin who loves to cook.

Since spring has finally decided to grace us with its presence, I wanted to grill something!  Or rather, get everything prepared so my husband could grill – hehe.

I ultimately decided on breakfast burgers!  A big beef patty topped with eggs and bacon?  Yes and please!

You can use your favorite hamburger meat mixture for this (or even pre made patties, if that floats your boat), but I wanted to beef to mimic a breakfast sausage patty, so I added that recipe in as well!

My family loved these burgers!  I think they are going to be a summertime staple!

Thank you, Ashley for a fantastic recipe!

Breakfast Burgers

Beef Mixture
1 lb ground beef
1 egg
¼ cup bread crumbs
2 tbsp white onion, minced
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 tbsp strongly brewed coffee, optional
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp brown sugar
¼ tsp dried sage
¼ tsp dried thyme

5 slices bacon, cooked crisp
5 slices swiss cheese
5 eggs, cooked over easy or to taste
5 hamburger buns, split
Softened butter, optional

Preheat the grill to medium.

Use your hands to mix together all of the beef ingredients (I use disposable rubber gloves for this task).  Separate the mixture into five patties.

Place the patties on this grill and cook, flipping once, until done.

While the burgers cook, fry the bacon.  Once cooked, move the bacon to a paper towel lined plate to drain. 

Drain most of the bacon drippings from the pan, then fry the eggs to taste.  Set aside.

Split the hamburger buns, spread the butter onto the split sides.

Once the burgers are fully cooked (but still on the grill), add the buns, buttered side down, to the grill to toast and place a slice of cheese onto each burger.

Cook until the buns are toasted and the cheese is melted.

Place the burgers onto the toasted buns, followed by bacon and a fried egg.  Serve hot.

Makes 5 Breakfast Burgers


  1. Amy, I loved having your blog this month, and can't wait to cook my way through more of your recipes. This breakfast burger looks over-the-top delicious (but challenging to eat!).

  2. Your burger reminds me of that ultimate BLT on the movie Spanglish. Delish!

  3. This would be a burger that my husband would loved! Great SRC choice!

  4. The flavorings in the meat sound really yummy - and although I've never eaten a burger with an egg on it, this does look super tempting.

  5. Ok I am salivating a little bit....actually a lot....this looks incredible. Runny eggs are the best burger topping ever!

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  6. I am so happy you like it! I love this burger....anything with messy runny egg is a winner to me :)

  7. This looks and sounds incredible. Really good photo. I just made a breakfast burger last week, this one puts mine to shame. Grate choice for SRC

  8. Genius. Seriously. A burger for breakfast? Adding in the breakfast sausage? Yum. Great choice and really well done!!

  9. I want these for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  10. Holy Mother of all things Delicious!!! This looks so incredibly YUMMY!

  11. Hi Amy,
    Your photo is just awesome and the Breakfast Burgers look delicious. This is a great recipe choice for the SRC.
    Have a fun week!
    Miz Helen

  12. Bacon breakfast cheeseburger works for me! Of course, I wouldn't mind eating one of these for lunch or dinner or a snack either. :)

  13. Whoa! Now *that's* a breakfast burger :D I'd love to have you share it at this week's All my Bloggy Friends!

  14. These look awesome. That is one loaded breafast bun. I'd love for you to share it over at my link party :D

  15. Drool... I LOVE eggs on my burgers - this looks amazing!

  16. Now thats what I call a breakfast sandwich! My husband would love this!

  17. Now that's a burger! I will definitely have to try this one :)

  18. Amy these look amazing. I love that you added the sausage to the burger mix. Great pick!

  19. Oh my lords and husband said "This makes me sad that I am not eating it right now." Wow! I am going to try this this weekend! I totally pinned it.

  20. This looks awesome {especially at 6 in the morning!} Pinned !

    With A Blast

  21. Oh yum! I could probably eat this everyday! Im going to feature this (and a few others!) at my all breakfast recipe site - :)

  22. UM... yum! Awesome breakfast idea- Thank you so much for coming to share at Super Saturday Show & Tell! I'd love to have you come and share again today Have a great weekend! xoxo~ Ruthie

  23. This is FABULOUS! Dripping with yumminess. Beautiful pictures, too!

  24. Wow, these look so delicious. You wouldn't need to eat for a long time after consuming that baby!


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