Sharpie Easter Eggs

If you click over to Pinterest about now, you will likely see a whole lot of fun and beautiful Easter Eggs.

All the eggs make my diy heart go pitter patter, and yet, I still absolutely love dissolving those little tablets in vinegar each year and letting my boys go nuts!

Last year, I started making a few unique Easter Eggs on my own a few weeks before Easter, just for fun!

Last year I made Silk Tie Dyed Easter Eggs (using men’s ties), but they were inedible and my boys cracked them right away, so it was a bit disappointing (even though they were gorgeous).

This year, my little one and I decided to decorate a few eggs with sharpies (inspired by!

Mostly because I love sharpies and splurged on that hunormous pack of sharpies last year.

I was a fun little week day morning project!

In fact, my little guy was even asking to “color more egg” the next day!

The eggs, of course, lasted just long enough to snap a few pictures before they were cracked, but it was ok.  The sharpie didn’t leak through the shell at all, so I was more comfortable eating them than the tie eggs.

Have a Blessed & Happy Easter, Everyone!


  1. What a great and easy idea! Thanks fro sharing. Stopping by from Bloom :)

  2. I've seen Sharpie eggs, and yours are the cutest, most colorful ones. Love them! Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projets.


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