Ham & Cheese Omelet

Omelets are yet another 30x30 recipe.  You can tell I’ve been panicking a bit about finishing this list, can’t you?  Incidentally, this is classic me.  I have 2 months to go and I’m already panicking about finishing.  When we were still in college I used to annoy my husband with all of my panicking about deadlines.  I would be absolutely certain that I would never finish a paper or project on time, so I’d start insanely early.  Then all of a sudden I’d be done with, like, a week to spare.  Yeah, I was kind of an annoying little perfectionist.

Anyhow, omelets.  I don’t really like omelets.  Perhaps it’s because most of my omelet experience involved a college dining center (blerg).  So why add them to the list?  Well, at this point I think I was simply running out of ideas.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to think of 30 bucket list recipes?  It’s hard!

So in the end, I decided to add omelets because my husband likes them.  And also because I remember making them in my high school “Foods and Culture” class (Home Ec) and I got a B because I had a small crack in my omelet.  So, 12 years after I took that class, I need to prove that I can make an omelet!

Ham & Cheese Omelet

2 eggs
Cooking spray or 1 tsp bacon drippings
3 slices deli ham, chopped
¼ cup shredded cheddar cheese

Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat and spray liberally with non-stick spray, or melt the bacon drippings and swirl to coat the pan.

Whisk the eggs until frothy and pour into the prepared skillet.  As the eggs begin to cook, swirl the pan, so that the raw egg cooks along the edges.

Once the egg sets, gently lift one side with a spatula and tip the skillet so that the raw egg from the top flows to the bottom.  Continue cooking and siphoning off the raw egg.

Once the egg is firm and cooked on top, lift one side of the omelet with a wooden spoon and slide the whole thing onto a plate.  Ideally the omelet is smooth and does not have any brown spots (though really, no one is judging).  Place the ham and cheese on one half of the omelet and flip the other side over the top.  Sprinkle with additional cheese and serve.

Makes one omelet


  1. Wow this omelet looks spectacular! Nothing beats a good omelet in my book and I'm willing to bet this was delicious. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Valley Chow


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