Elfie's Antics: Week Two

Our little Elf got into quite the antics again this week!  I hope you can all enjoy!

Day Seven:
Elfie decided to show off his acrobat skills by hanging from the chandelier! 

Day Eight:
Elfie armed himself with a light saber...

...and fought off some dinosaurs.  Those guys in Jurassic Park would've had a lot more success if they'd used light sabers, just sayin'.

Day Nine:
Elfie gathered all of his pals and read them his favorite Christmas story...

...The Polar Express.

One more for good measure!

Day Ten:
Elfie thought my downstairs tree was far too boring, so he decorated the tree with underwear.

That'll teach me to leave the clean laundry out!

Day Eleven:
Santa told Elfie that he hadn't gotten letters from the boys yet!  So Elfie brought letter writing supplies and a note!

Day Twelve:
Like me, Elfie appreciates relaxing a nice bath with a magazine at the end of a long day.

Day Thirteen:
The boys woke up to hear the TV on!  They found Elfie lounging in the rocker with a Christmas movie and a Elf sized bowl of popcorn!


  1. These are awesome ideas! I will have to do the book and watching TV. It is our first year with the Elf. I think it might be more fun for me than my daughter.

  2. We don't have kids (we hope to some day) but I've heard about the Elf on a Shelf. These are so cute! You are really creative. I love the mix of sweet and mischievous!

  3. Cute!!! I am going to pin the story telling elf :) Hope that's okay. I'll do it directly from your site so people can see all of your great ideas!


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