Elfie's Antics: The Final Week and Then Some

Day Twenty-One
Elfie was having a sing-along with Woody

He even had his own "Elfie-sized" guitar!

Day Twenty-Two
Elfie was playing Santa.  Complete with Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReinDEERE!! Ha!

Day Twenty-Three
Elfie colored a little picture of a few of his Elf friends

Day Twenty-Four
Elfie was enjoying an Elf's 4 food groups: Candy, Candy Corn, Candy Canes, & Syrup.

Day Twenty-Five
Elfie was playing with the boys' car...and letting us know how many days until Christmas!

Day Twenty-Six
Eflie would never had forgiven himself if he didn't redecorate all of our trees...

So the last one was decorated with Daddy's neckties!

Day Twenty-Seven
Eflie was caught eating cookies and playing with frosting!  Oh no!

Day Twenty-Eight

Elfie was repelling down to the basement from the first story!

Day Twenty-Nine
Elfie had a big race track set up with some of his friends!

Day Thirty
It's Christmas Eve already.  Elfie left a note saying goodbye.  He also brought a magic key so Santa can unlock the front door (since we don't have a chimney).  

See you next year, Elfie!


  1. So cute! We have had a lot of fun with our elf Topper too. I like your tie tree!!!


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