Cute Monster Cookies & Halloween Costume Reveal!

Today’s post is a bit of a mish-mash.  First off we have some super fun and adorable cookies that we made for my 4 year old’s “Harvest” party (don’t you wish we could still call them Halloween parties and dress up? Ah, the good ol’ days…)

Anywho, for his class party, my son wanted to bring cookies, so I whipped up these super cute Purple People Eaters and Frankensteins (yes, I know Frankenstein was the doctor and this was the monster, but whatevs, it’s Frankenstein to me).  The cookies were inspired by this post here.

A couple days after the school party, we had Trunk or Treat at our church.  If you haven’t been to a Trunk or Treat party before, ours went a little like this.  Everyone met for a sloppy joe dinner in the cafeteria, then games in the gym.  After that, everyone went to their cars and gave out candy to the kids.

Since there was trick or treating, all of the children were dressed in their costumes.  But since we all had themed costumes this year, my husband and I decided to dress up as well! 

Ready for it?

We’re a Mario family!  It’s been a few years since my husband and I dressed up, so this is a really fun year for us!

And with that, any Nintendo fan with enjoy this final sentiment

Happy Halloween!


  1. Love! My twins were Mario and Luigi two Halloweens ago, and they were by far my favorite costumes they've ever had. Your cookies are super cute, too. Thanks for sharing at Must Try Monday!

  2. That is so adorable! I love it :) My kids are Mario-fiends like their momma.

    I love the cookies too. They turned out so precious! Thank you for linking up to last week's Tasty Thursday!


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