Egg Carton Tulips

After Easter and all of the egg dying, we always have an abundance of egg cartons.  Egg cartons can be turned in to so many fun different activities for children!

When I saw that Rachelle’s latest Tinkerlab Creative Challenge was to create a kid-friendly project using egg cartons, I immediately thought flowers.  Though not the kind that involve a green thumb.  These ones use glue and glitter! 

To make these tulips you need:

-egg cartons (foam or cardboard)
-paper plates
-Elmer’s glue
-pipe cleaners, cut in half

Start by cutting the egg cartons into separate cups.  Then trim away some of the excess to make a more circular shape.  Poke a small hole (large enough for the pipe cleaner to pass through) in the bottom of each cup, using a skewer or (carefully) a scissors.  Careful that you don’t skewer your hand (I actually didn’t this time – it was something of a miracle.)

Place a large dollop of glue in the center of one plate and a mound of glitter on the other.  Allow children to dip the edges of the cup (or more if they’d like) in the glue and then into the glitter.  Set aside to dry.

Once the flowers are dry, lace half of a pipe cleaner through the hole in the bottom of each flower.  Bend the pipe cleaner at the top to keep it from falling all the way through.  

Add a few drops of glue in the center of the flower and place sequins on top.  Dry and you have tulips!

Then your heart can melt when your son does this:



  1. Adorable, great idea! That last photo is too cute.


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