Buttery Nipple

How’s your Friday night?

This is what mine looks like…

Yes.  You did read the correctly, it’s called a Buttery Nipple.

No.  I don’t know why it’s called that.

Yes.  You should have one.

(ps – I added whipped cream – I think it makes it even more inappropriate – but it’s good!)

Buttery Nipple
Recipe from my Mom, though it likely originated elsewhere

2 oz (1 shot) Buttershots (Butterscotch Schnapps)
2 oz (1 shot) Irish Cream
Whipped Cream

Pour the Buttershots and Irish Cream into a smallish glass.  Garnish with whipped cream.


  1. Takes me back to the days before husband and 3 kids - we used to call them Slippery Nipples and there was a time when my insides were pickled from too many of these!

  2. Ah, I've always wondered what went into these...I can see how they'd slide down very easily :)

  3. Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrl! That sounds like the perfect weekender to me! Both sassy and classy! Until you have a few and then class gets tossed to the side ;)

  4. Lol. I had to see what a buttery nipple was. It sounds like a delicious drink! I may just have to try making one!

  5. Haha, the name alone would make me order one ;) Looks like a delicious thing!


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