Our Valentine's Day

Happy “day after Valentine’s Day”!  Is all the sugar out of your system yet?  Here’s what our Valentine’s Day looked like:

Little one was super excited about opening his Valentine cards!

Both boys have been sick (just colds) so Tylenol was a big part of our day, too.  Good thing it is festively pink!

Snuggled up to watch Fraggle Rock together (I love that they enjoy a show that I watched when I was young!)

Here’s my gift from my husband.

A bouquet of Gerber daisies…

…and chocolate covered potato chips from a local candy shop! 

I guess I wasn’t feeling sentimental this year, because this is what I got my husband

Okay, I also made him this.  I found this cool “old” key at Michaels and glued it to the outside of a picture frame.  The text in the background is the lyrics to our first dance song at our wedding.

Little one is fascinated with my Gerber Daisies.

Heart themed muffin tin lunch!  They had heart hot dogs, heart bologna, heart cheese, heart carrots, heart cucumbers, and heart apples to choose from.

This is the first time I’ve done a muffin tin lunch and the boys loved it!  They had so much fun choosing their own lunch, and were thrilled that everything was heart shaped!

The muffin tin continued to be entertaining, even after they’d eaten.  Don’t you love his shirt?

Pretty pink pizza dough!  It’s based off this recipe, but quicker—I’ll share it soon.

Heart pizza, before baking.  I broke out the cookie cutters again for the toppings!

I also made heart breadsticks with the leftover dough!  My husband was not so secretly wishing that I'd glaze these and serve them as donuts.

Heart pizza: baked & ready to eat!

This poor little guy ate one bite & went to sleep--go away gunky cold!

Let’s not forget dessert!  Chocolate cut out cookies (recipe coming soon).

And then, once the kids are in bed…

A fire, champagne, and chocolate fondue.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. Awww, how very adorable! Love the lyrics from your dance :)
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. What a wonderful Valentine's Day! Well, except for the sick kid part, which we have here as well! The treats are all so fun!!

  3. Too funny! A co-worker of mine got that same card from her boss for Valentine's Day! Haha. Your real gift is so sweet! Very creative. Also very creative with the muffin tin lunches! I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to appreciate these kinds of things, how fun! Looks like you had an awesome Valentine's Day!

  4. I hope your boys feel better soon. Sounds like you had a good Valentine's Day.

  5. What a great Valentine's Day from start to finish! Hate when the kids are sick though :(

  6. What a fun Valentine's Day you had! Love the pizza!


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