Ornament Cookies

Tomorrow is already Christmas Eve, can you believe it?  It is so easy to get caught up with everything else at Christmastime.  Finding the perfect gift, picking out the perfect Christmas card, planning menus, and baking, baking, baking.

Things often don’t go as planned.  This year, I forgot to buy gifts for two people until the very last second, my sewing machine broke and I wasn’t able to finish several handmade gifts, time got away from me and I only made half of the holiday goodies I had planned to make.

But do you know what I did do?  I played with my children and read them stories.  They learned about Jesus and the Nativity.  We lit Advent candles and we learned new prayers.

Even though things didn’t go as planned this holiday season, I still feel fulfilled.  Because, looking back, things did go as planned.  My children learned about the true gift of Christmas and there is really no greater gift.

The ornament cookies are a gingerbread cookie frosted with royal icing.


  1. Your cookies look great Amy! LOVE them!!
    So sorry to hear your plans didn't go as planned :(
    Happy Holidays!

  2. So pretty!!! I'm jealous of your decorating talent! I'm glad you enjoyed the true meaning of the holidays!

  3. Time got a way from me as well, I didn't get to bake as much as I wanted but I too was able to teach my girls the true meaning for the season! Happy Holidays!! And the cookies are so pretty!


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