Baby’s Green Beans with Rice and Mint

I just noticed that (other than sweets) it’s been awhile since I posted anything terribly kid friendly.  You see, my 3 year old would live on hotdogs and Nutella sandwiches if I let him and everything else is pretty hit or miss.  So, I have a tendency to make things my husband and I will enjoy with an ingredient or two that he might maybe possibly eat if the planets align correctly (like Stir Fry since he will usually eat the rice and maybe some meat if I’m lucky).

While I have been cooking and coaxing my 3 year old to eat, I have still been making baby food for my little guy (he is 8 months old now…how crazy is that?)  For the most part, these foods have been pretty boring.  I’ve pureed sweet potatoes, squash, peas, carrots & sweet potatoes, and green beans.  And I’ve mashed avocados, bananas, peaches, pears, and mangoes.  Always steadfastly adhering to the golden rule of baby feeding: wait 3-4 days between new foods—it’s rather exhausting, but necessary. 

This week I was ready for a change, so instead of introducing a new food, I decided to introduce a new herb (yep, the golden rule applies to herbs & spices, too).

As the parent of a baby, it is so easy to get caught up in plain, bland foods (especially since plain and bland is what is available commercially) but there is no reason for it.  Since my little guy has been pretty unsure about green beans, I decided to add a little mint and mix it with his rice cereal to tone down the green bean flavor a bit and add a little interest.  The verdict?  He still needed a banana chaser to get the beans down, but I felt good knowing that he got to try a new flavor!

Baby’s Green Beans with Rice and Mint

2 tbsp pureed green beans*
1-2 tbsp water (depends how thick you want the mixture)
1 tbsp rice cereal
1/8 tsp dried mint

*I cook ½ lb fresh or frozen green beans and puree them in a mini food processor.  I then freeze the leftovers in ice cube trays.  Once fully frozen, I transfer the cubes to labeled freezer bags and keep for 3 months.

If the beans are frozen, place a bean cube (or two if small) in a microwave safe dish and microwave for 35-40 seconds. 

Add in the water, rice cereal, and mint.  Stir well to mix.  Be sure to test the temperature of the mixture before serving it to baby!



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