5 Minute Buffalo Chicken Wrap


This week’s Sunday Funday theme is a unique one….recipes that start with rotisserie chicken.  

Look online and you see loads of recipes that start with rotisserie chicken.  Rotisserie chicken (in the US at least) is a delicious, affordable convenience food.  The big box stores somehow sell cooked, seasoned rotisserie chickens for less than the price of a raw whole chicken.  It is truly baffling.

And yet, I rarely buy them.

I tend to roast my own chicken in the oven or if I’m feeling a little extra, I haul out my electric rotisserie and make my own.

However, when I’m really in a pinch, I will buy the chickens.  Case in point:  I wasn’t paying attention to the level of leftovers in the fridge or the lunch menu which stated that both kids wanted cold lunch on Friday.  When I looked late Thursday night, the fridge was barren and I was exhausted.

Thankfully, I didn’t have work on Friday (but did have a million things to do preparing for a last-minute getaway Hubs & I scheduled).  Rotisserie chicken to the rescue!  I bought a chicken and cut it up for lunches (along with fruit and veg) and delivered it to school.

Plus there were leftovers and I was able to get creative with my own lunch!  I dug around the fridge and also found a random tortilla from taco night and this delicious wrap was born!  

Totally easy and reliant on leftovers, it was a perfect lunch!

Sunday Funday

Starting with Rotisserie Chicken

5 Minute Buffalo Chicken Wrap

1 flour tortilla

⅓ cup leftover rotisserie chicken, diced

1-2 tablespoons buffalo sauce, to taste

1-2 teaspoons bleu cheese or ranch dressing

1 stalk celery, sliced

1 large leaf romaine lettuce, chopped

Mix together the chicken and buffalo sauce.  

Place the celery on the tortilla.  Top with the chicken mixture and ranch/bleu cheese dressing.  Finally add the lettuce and roll.  If desired, secure with toothpicks.  Enjoy immediately.


  1. Perfect meal for a busy time. Hope you had a great getaway. Happy Anniversary.

  2. This looks like the perfect lunchbox meal.

  3. Wraps are filling and healthy too, perfect meal!

  4. I made this for lunch for my son and he loved it. thanks for the recipe


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