Mini Pavlova

Not too long ago, there was a potluck at work.  I signed up for dessert immediately, but then realized a challenge.  There are people on staff with dairy,  gluten, and nut sensitivities.  I obviously wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the dessert so I set out to find something that was gluten, dairy, and nut free. 

While recipes exist that are completely allergen free, it can be a challenge.  Especially so since I did not want to have to buy any specialty ingredients for this one.

Finally, I decided to make pavlova which are basically just egg whites and sugar (thankfully no egg allergies!)

These were a huge hit at the potluck!  Granted, I cooked them just a hair too long…so fun fact…. if you cook these too long the center becomes hollow instead of marshmallow-like and turn into merengues.   Mine were about half way between.  There was a marshmallow-like layer, but a hollow bit at the top.  Nonetheless, they were delicious and not bad at all for a first try!

I don’t have the actual recipe to share here because I used the recipe exactly from here and it was great!

Sunday Funday

Mother’s Day Brunch

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  • Mini Pavlova by Amy’s Cooking Adventures
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    1. So elegant...I'm sure all the others were pleased. Happy Mom's Day Amy.

    2. It's been ages since I've had a pavlova. And have not tried making it in my kitchen. Such a delicious treat for all. Have a wonderful Mother's Day

    3. I love making pavlova, but it's hit and miss for me. I need to troubleshoot why sometimes they stay white (what I want) and sometimes they brown. No clue why!


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