Fruit Cup Turkeys


I have a fun crafty snack for you today!

When the kids were little, I loved making themed snacks for their lunches or for after school snacks.  I had an idea for turkey fruit cups and just couldn’t resist, even though they’re both teens.

While both agreed that they were cute, they both vehemently refused to take them in their cold lunch.  Dude said he was afraid it would get damaged, but he’d eat it at home and Spud said his might go to school, but it would come home again too - haha - boys!

I made them anyway and plan to take them with for Thanksgiving and give them to my nieces who are 2 & 5…I might find a bit more appreciation there!

Sunday Funday

Mandarin Oranges

Fruit Cup Turkeys

2 fruit cups (I used mandarin oranges)

Colorful feathers

Construction paper (red and orange)

Googly eyes

Tape 3 feathers to the lid of the fruit cup.  Use school glue to attach googly eyes and beak pieces cut out of red and orange paper.  Serve!


  1. A fun little project and I'm sure your nieces will love them.

  2. How fun! Such a nice surprise in a lunchbox.

  3. Wow! So cute and and easy. A fun activity for kids. Also ideal for Thanksgiving party for kids.

  4. SO cute! I don't pack lunches anymore, but these are adorable.


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