Cheesy Ritz Spiders


For this month’s Movies ‘n Munchies, participants were invited to watch a Halloween movie of choice with anything Halloween-y being fair game -classic horror or anything with monsters/witches, etc.  I personally love this theme, because I do not like scary things at all and cannot handle scary movies.

I started to watch the new Haunted Mansion movie that came out on Disney+ thinking it couldn’t be scary since it was based off a theme park ride.  I gave it a shot but Hubs was out of town and I got scared within the first 10 minutes and turned it off.  Yes, I am hopeless.

Then I decided to go with a classic comedy, Young Frankenstein. Hubs and I love this movie and were trying to decide if it was appropriate to share with the kids yet.  As always, memory fails without a rewatch, so I popped the movie on to preview for the kids and put my foodie goggles on!

Appropriate for the kids?  Hmmmm…maybe?  I might wait another year.  Foodie-wise, there’s not much there.  There’s a dinner scene where they are likely eating some sort of meatloaf and then a black forest cake.

I decided to get inspired by the song & dance put on by Frankstein & the monster to the song Puttin’ on the Ritz.  Obviously I needed to use Ritz crackers with a Halloween theme!

I kept things super easy with spreadable cheese, pretzels and olives to make these cute little spiders!  These flavor profile reminded me of the cheddar Ritz Bits Sandwiches (are those still a thing?) but only better!  A totally junky snack but fun!

Cheesy Ritz Spiders

Ritz Crackers (I used Everything Seasoned)

Cheese Spread (I used Sharp Cheddar “Pub Cheese”)

Pretzel sticks, broken

Olives, sliced

Spread a thick layer of cheese onto a cracker, top with a second.  Stick 4 pretzel pieces on each side as legs (between the crackers so they stay).  Add olives as eyes.  Repeat as desired, serve.


  1. We love Young Frankenstein too and I LOVE how you put on the "Ritz".

  2. Love these! I didn't find The Haunted Mansion extremely scary (or really that great of a movie). But, it was fun.


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