Black Cat Oreos

I have a love-hate relationship with Halloween.

I hate all the scary stuff - I am a giant chicken and can barely watch TV in October because the commercials are scary.

But I absolutely love dressing up and costumes and all the fun treats I can make at Halloween!  I really can’t get enough!  So buckle up for a week of super easy no-bake Halloween treats!  Yasssss!

Today’s recipe is these adorbs and super easy - Halloween cat plate a bonus but not necessary.

Anyone else have Soft Kitty going through their head?

Black Cat Oreos

Inspired by Party Pinching

Oreo Cookies

M&M Candies

Chocolate chips, divided

Heart Shaped Sprinkles

Edible Food Marker

Use the edible food marker to draw cat eye pupils on the M&Ms.  Melt half of the chocolate chips.  Use the melted chocolate to stick the M&M eyes to the center of an Oero.  Then, use the melted chocolate to add a heart nose, and chocolate chip ears to each cat!