Succulent Cupcakes


So funny story about today’s cupcakes.

Quite a while back, I was approached and agreed to make cupcakes for a silent auction at a fundraiser. Fast forward, 8pm, night before the fundraiser and I suddenly remember that I agree to make cupcakes!

I frantically dash to the pantry and find that I (thankfully) have everything I need to make vanilla cupcakes.  While the cupcakes bake, I start wracking my brain to decide how to decorate the cupcakes.

Could I have just done the classic swirl and a smattering of fun sprinkles?  You betcha.  But I thought that since this was for a fundraiser, I should put forth a bit more effort.

Why not, I thought, try something completely new?  I know, crazy.  But that’s how I decided to attempt succulent cupcakes for the first time at 11 at night, just hours before the cupcakes had to be delivered to the fundraiser venue.

To make these, I spread a thin layer of buttercream over the cupcakes and pressed them into crushed oreos to look like soil.

Then I tinted the remaining frosting various shades of green (with a little pink), loaded it into piping bags with various tips and luckily enough, I was able to pipe some believable succulents!

I was able to bring the cupcakes to the event the next morning and the cupcakes were able to bring in a decent amount at the fundraiser!