Pentecost/Confirmation Cake


This has been a cake-making spring!  A couple weeks ago, I had someone text and request a confirmation and first communion cake!

This awesome mom gave me full creative license, just asking for the confirmation theme and her son’s name somewhere on the cake (an inscription was added into that white space after the photo was taken)

Having full creative license took me aback a bit.  Oftentimes, people send me a photo and I do my best to replicate the idea - it was fun to have my own take on the theme!

I ended up using the color red since in the Catholic church, the feast of Pentecost (celebrated this coming Sunday) is associated with the color red.  Why Pentecost and red?  Well, I taught confirmation classes for several years and in that time I spent a lot of time teaching students that the very first confirmation was at Pentecost.  Pentecost occurs 50 days after Easter (or the 7th Sunday after Easter) and is when the Holy Spirit descends on the apostles and they begin their ministry in Jesus’ name.  This is just as students receiving their confirmation are called to be witnesses of Christ and receive the full grace of the Holy sSirit in confirmation.  I could go on and on (confirmation teacher and librarian…) but I digress.

It was important to me to include the color red, a dove, flames, and light.  And since the student was also receiving his first Eucharist, I added the chalice and host as well.


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