Bunny Cupcakes

Here’s a fun Easter dessert that is sure to become a centerpiece!

I had some leftover cake batter from a different cake project and decided to use that leftover cake (and frosting) to make some adorable bunny cupcakes!

This recipe used my vanilla cupcake recipe.  Then I piped grass - it was very vibrant neon green grass since it was the leftovers from a softball cake that I kind of liked for something just a little different!

Finally, I melted white and pink candy melts and made bunny ears!  For the ears themselves, I just used the back of my spoon to create the shapes - each one was a little different and I love that it gave them a little personality!  

For the pink, I found it easier to pipe the shapes.  However, when working with chocolate, I prefer to use a zipper bag with a tiny bit of corner cut off rather than a piping bag and tip - shocking, right?

I’ve found that when I inevitably melt too many candy melts, I can let it harden again in a zipper bag and easily remove the chunk to store and melt later.  However, when using a piping bag and tip, the tip often gets stuck and can be a real headache to remove.

Once the ears were cooled and hardened, I popped them into the cupcakes and they were done!

Looking for more Easter sides?


  1. Amy, such cute little bunny cupcakes. Perfect for Easter. I've read in a few Easter bake recipes where candy melts are used. Have not used them before. Hopefully will find some to experiment with.

  2. Wow! I love these easter bunny cupcakes. Perfect for Easter never tried using candy melts hope I can find some.


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